Friday, May 29, 2009

Throw Some Pics On The Bloggie!

I had some stacks of photos ready to throw up here on the blog and they were all neatly divided by themes. Then Justus came over and I was showing them to him and they got all jumbled and I can't remember exactly how I had divvied them up. So today we're going to see pictures of kids. How's that for a theme?

Let's start with the most recent and work back in time.

Here I am at three, with my giant doll, Clara. I wasn't really a doll kind of kid but Clara fascinated me because she was so darn big! Okay, she doesn't look huge here, but to me at three...she was big! And that bench. It was painted green, and was a fixture of my childhood.

Back in time a year. There is actually a series of these photos, showing a progressively angrier me, stomping my feet and scowling. As I remember it, I had been told to come into the house for the evening and I wasn't happy about it. From the shadows, it would appear to be late in the day. What I didn't realize, until Justus told me a couple of weeks ago, was that it was my brother, who would have been about 8, who took these pictures with his Brownie camera.

And speaking of my brother, here he is in a picture taken at Howard Lodge in the summer of 51. He's the overalled kid in the middle, wearing nice white socks and sandals. Our cousin Justin is in the striped shirt. We don't know who the girl child is...could it be a Linn cousin?

And a year or so earlier, here is Justus again, sporting my grandfather's hat and pipe. Not to mention some natty two-tone shoes. This was also taken at Howard Lodge.

Go back a generation and here's our aunt Elinor as a little tacker. This adorable kid grew up to be the beautiful woman holding me on the porch in the post from a week ago or so. I love this picture.

And a few years before that...

This picture just cracks me up. I stumbled upon it one evening after spending an emotionally exhausting day cleaning out Mom's house and just about got hysterics looking at it. I mean, here are all these people, sitting on a ladder, all looking at this wickedly grinning old lady. Don't you sort of wonder what she just said? Or did?

This picture, unlike most of the old family pictures I have, identifies everyone in it. From left to right: (1) Alene Pollock-Graham (I wonder if she was a relative of A.B. Graham?), (2) Arthur Linn Jr. (My uncle Arthur), (3) Rettie Dodd (mom always talked about "Aunt Rettie" but I think she was actually a great-aunt of my mom's. I could be wrong about this.), (4) Dora Hardacre Lauer (my great-grandmother), (5) Mrs. Blair Hardacre (could she be Dora's mother?), and (6) Mildred Linn, my grandmother.

It still cracks me up.

More pics tomorrow, perhaps. Maybe even of a sock!

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