Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Radio Silence

I know, I know...I've not been here recently. But I have been busy.

My first Sprucey Lucy sock is up to the heel.

My first pink stripey sock is ready for its sewn bind-off.

My sweater back is coming along.

The first Elijah is started...sorry for the blurry.

I've started a good book. (I do like Michael Malone.)

But mostly, I'll admit, I've been busy playing this:

This Henry Hatsworth game is so much fun.


Erica said...

Busy indeed! The socks look great, and I am intrigued by the game. No moss on you, lady!

Rooie said...

It's a great game. You alternate between a platform-style game on the top screen and a switching-blocks game on the bottom screen. And the blocks gradually rise up and if you don't switch back soon enough to switch them out and make them disappear, they show up in the top screen and try to bop poor old Henry. Great fun!

Debi said...

Those are some beautiful things!

Rooie said...

Thanks, Debi!

The blue of the sweter is very hard to get right, I's actually much darker.