Tuesday, May 12, 2009


There are a lot of benefits to this blog...I can blather on about this or that...I can post pretty pictures of yarn or projects...I can brag about my kid (Oh, wait! That comes in a minute or two.)...and, most importantly, it's reconnected me to some family.

Last week I got an email from my cousin Pat, one of my uncle Arthur's daughters. And she's filled me in on other members of her family. And it feels good. And she found me because I had been posting pictures of our family on this blog.

So, in honor of family....how about a few more pictures?

An adorable picture of our grandmother, Mom Linn.

And a little more recent...one of me at about 3 or 4. My mom made that dress for me. She made most of my clothes.

And one from about the same time with me, my cousin Linn (in the middle) and my cousin ML, who comments here sometime. I like the fact that I have a phone next to me, as though I might be expecting an important call. ML and I both had crossed eyes at this point. We were cuties, all right!

And finally...this was taken one Christmas, at my aunt Lois and uncle John's house. Probably Christmas 1976. Someone had gotten a gift that was nestled in those round styrofoam packing peanuts. So we drew eyeballs on them and had a blast taking silly pictures. Here you have my cousin ML and me in the front, my brother and Mom in the back.

Ah, family. Good times. Good people.

Oh, and the bragging? Rachel got her grades for the last semester. All As! She's pretty and smart.


Lisa said...

Yay for Rachel! And I love the family photos -- there's something so intimate about seeing someone else's.

Oh, Brother said...

Kinda like seeing fat people in their underwear . . .

mlw said...

Or naked.