Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Remember a couple of days back when I was talking about knitting patterns that flowed...that just knitted up easily and pleasantly? Well, Nutkin was such a one.

So pretty. I love the Madelinetosh yarn. Love the colors. Love the pattern and it's fun to knit.

But alas (you knew there was a catch, right?)...I cannot even get this beginning of the first sock over my heel. Over my heel!? Dang it, I can't even get it close to my heel.

So I'll be ripping this out and searching for another pattern. Sigh. I guess I can't really complain. This is really the first sock I've had to rip out.

In cheerier news, the rhododendron in front of our house is in full bloom.


Last fall we had a little rhododendron put in the back yard. I asked for a pale rose pink...I had seen one in the neighborhood that I loved.

What we got (and unfortunately, I didn't get a picture taken when it was at its's fading fast) wasn't pale pink.

It's a little too purple and and a little too bright. Oh well. We can try again.

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