Sunday, May 17, 2009

Putting On The Miles

This weekend one of Rachel's friends from Mary Washington was having a combination graduation and 21st birthday party and had invited Rachel and Ian (another friend who is staying with us for a week or so -- he's the son of one of her ex-UMW professors (that professor's now in Texas, teaching at Baylor) and he (Ian, that is) goes to Hampshire). So we drove them down to Fairfax VA on Saturday and drove down again today to pick them up. I know, I know...she's not too spoiled.

Anyway, all that car time meant I got some knitting done. I got through the gusset and heel flap on the first on the Sprucey Lucy socks. They are sort of tedious. They're pretty and all...I'm just thinking this wouldn't be a sock I'd do again. Funny about that. I mean, it's all knitting and purling. It's just that some of the patterns just fly and others plod.

And ta-da! The pink socks are finished! (They are a little tight and could have been a little longer...but it's actually cool enough here today that they feel pretty darn good on my feet!)

But they are finished! You know what that means! I get to start another pair. I think I will use some yummy Madelinetosh in the Cobbler colorway. And I think I will try the Nutkin pattern.

I tried to take a picture of the pattern with the yarn all nicely wound up and ready to go but it came out all blurry. So here...I'll distract you with cat feet!


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