Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Whoop! Guess I Can't Say I Never Win Anything!

Well, this'll improve your mood on a random Wednesday morning! It was already shaping up to be a nice morning as I had taken the day off and slept in until 9 a.m. But then I checked my email and discovered that I've won a prize! A wonderful prize from Pigmint Yarns. (You have to scroll down a few entries to get to the Grand Opening Giveaway.) Look at the colors in that yarn! Are those my colors, or what? Look at that spotty-dotty bag....I love it! And there are stitch markers and needles and other stuff, oh my!

I already an the happy owner of Carol's book, so I told Danielle to keep it and use it in another give-away. If she sends it anyway, I'll have a give-away here. It's a wonderful book.

Gee, Wollmeise one day and a prize the next. Maybe tomorrow someone will give me a pony!

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