Monday, July 27, 2009

Just For Pat...And Uncle Arthur

Two more old pictures:

I know all these people! From left to right: My Uncle Arthur, a tiny baby Enny, my Aunt Lois and my mom. Look at 'em all. This picture reminds me of the know, the old Eleanor Estes books...something about them.

And I think this is my Uncle Arthur as a tiny boy. I could be wrong. Pat, maybe your dad will recognize this. Look at the little toy on the ground next to him. Looks like a little zoo toy.

I love these little glimpses into the past.

Oh, and in other news...I seem to have punched a little hole into the tip of my finger with my knitting needles...makes knitting sort of agonizing when the tip slips into that little hole.


Daniel N said...

I love Uncle Arthur's shoes in the second photo! My father (b.1930) had some like that. I think there might even be a bronzed one packed away in a box in the cellar.

Rooie said...

It's the fancy pants that get to me! Though I like the shoes, too.

What I really wish is that we still had the toy.

ml said...

Got to be Arthur--looks just like him...and Pat, if you read this, Lois' daughter sends love to your Dad!