Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm As Human As The Next Knitter

So, I think I've mentioned Wollmeise yarn on this blog before...the fanaticism of its fans, the rush to buy it up, the absurd prices it goes for on eBay.

Well, I succumbed.

I was getting ready to leave work today and was in the process of shutting down my computer when, for some reason, I thought, "Let's check out the Loopy Ewe." Went to the website and clicked on "What's New"...and it took me a minute to realize what was there. "Hunh," I thought, "these color names are all in German. That's odd.....Wollmeise!!!" I threw two skeins into my cart and hit the order button as quickly as I could. And of course, my computer toyed with me by running just as slowly as it could. But I seem to have bought them before they were snatched out of my shopping cart. I got a bright, bright green and a red/fuschia mix. Or I think those are the colors I got. The green one may be bright blue. I'm pretty sure about the red. Their names tell me nothing: one is Raupe Nimmersatt and the other is Roter Himbeermund. Descriptive, huh? Babelfish translates them to "Crawler-type vehicle Nimmersatt" and "Red Himbeermund." Thanks, Babelfish!

I am anxious to see these in person and feel the yarn and work them up.

And hey! If I don't like them, there's always eBay.

(No, if I don't like them, I'll offer them up on Ravelry for what I paid for them, I think.)

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