Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Looking At The World Through Rose-Colored Yarn

I think knitters must all be incurable optimists.

I spent several hours up at the Black Sheep last night, formulating this hypothesis. Well, actually, it came to me in the shower this morning, but it was based on observations made last night.

· We will buy a complicated pattern as rank beginner knitters…hoping that someday we will have the skills necessary to knit it.

· We will cast on for an intricately cabled, highly structured jacket…and buy the pattern and yarn for another intricately cabled sweater…even though we’ve never actually done a cable before.

· We will buy 550 yards of gorgeous, thin, sparkly yarn for a feather and fan scarf…even though we can’t quite figure out how to cast on or knit.

· We will buy an armful of yummy alpaca yarn because it’s on sale…hoping that we’ve bought enough for some as-yet-unchosen sweater…and that our daughter will love both the yarn and the pattern.

· We will leave ourselves only 10 days in which to complete a knit elephant…all the time knowing that the birth date of the future elephant owner could hit any day now.

· We will buy sock yarn as though someone has threatened to cut off the world’s supply of sock yarn…and figure that we will use it all up before we die.

· We will bring our knitting problems to our yarn shop…hoping that, even if the owners are too busy to help, someone there will be able to solve our problem.


(Three of these bullet points apply to me…those who know me will know which three.)


niki said...

I'm pretty sure I'm guilty (or whatever) of all of these. Especially the bit about the sock yarn. It's gotten completely out of hand.

tracy said...

I know! :)

tracy said...
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Erica said...

While I have certainly done all of these, or some variation thereof, I'm going to guess you're guilty of the yummy alpaca, the baby knit, and the sock yarn. Have I got it?

Rooie said...

And Erica's got it in one!