Saturday, July 11, 2009

Soothing My Soul

After running around this, vet, grocery store, book store...I spent the afternoon at the Black Sheep. Ahh...yarny bliss. I spent some time chatting with Tracy and Renee and then there was a steady stream of customers. Met a nice young woman named Sarah, who was in with her mom. Sarah is new to Baltimore and may be coming to the Tuesday evening knit-alongs. She and her mom were nice. Nice afternoon.

And I've been bitten by the Baktus bug. Baktus is a neat triangular scarf that's taking over the knit world. It's done in sock yarn and we all know I have plenty of that. So I started one last night.

This is just some inexpensive yarn from Michaels...not wonderfully soft but I like the colors. If it isn't too, too tedious to knit, I could see knitting some of these for Christmas presents.

But I am still working on the tiny Elijah.

One tiny, blind, deaf amputee elephant!

We also stopped by a Kia dealer and looked at a Soul. Pretty cute little car though not as inexpensive as I would have thought a Kia was. Didn't take it for a test drive...that's in the future.

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Oh, Brother said...

Blind, amputee and apparently albino to boot. Just give him some long blond hair (looks great on an elephant) and a Stratocaster and he can be Johnny Winter. Fortunately for JW, he has all four extremities, though.