Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hey, I'm Plagiarizing Myself!

If you scroll down a couple of posts to the picture of the scarf I'm knitting and embiggen it (go ahead...I'll wait) you'll see my favorite pair of knitting needles. I don't remember where or when I got them and neither they nor the sleeve they came in (if, in fact, the sleeve I keep them in is the original - I'm not the most organized person in the world) have any markings. But I love them. They are metal, with a very smooth and cool coating of some type. They make a delightful chiming sound when dropped on the lightly-carpeted concrete floor of my office. I am inordinately fond of the flattened oval knobs on the ends. I only have them in this one size, but everytime I need to knit on 6's, I pull these needles out and remember all over again how much I like them.

The scarf, by the way, looks much as it did in that picture, only longer. Exciting.

How To Recognize That You May Have a Knitting Problem
(With apologies to those coming here from Readerville who have seen this before.)

1. Time spent knitting increases and time spent doing other activities, such as sleeping, decreases.
2. You consider everything you say about knitting to be a purl of wisdom.
3. You can't take a ribbing about the amount of yarn you own.
4. Your friends are urging you to steek professional help.
5. Tinkerbell and the Frog Prince become your favorite fictional characters.
6. You love it when a cop tells you to "Pullover!"
7. Your favorite movie actress is Merino Hara, your favorite Bewitched character was Samantha's mother, Angora, and your favorite mystery writer is Eyelet Waldman.
8. You contemplate naming your kid Silk.
9. You find yourself scarfing up your dinner in seconds in order to get back to your knitting.
10. You start a knitting blog.

I think I have them all.

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