Saturday, September 15, 2007

Happy Birthday, Black Sheep!

Today was the Black Sheep's (Cockeysville, MD) Grand Opening Sale! I took some pictures of pretty things inside but forgot (duh) to take a picture of the outside of the shop. The place was packed, which I was very happy to see. I want this place to be a roaring success. Not just because I love it and want to have a really nice, close-by yarn store, but because Tracy and Joyce, the owners, are simply delightful and I want them to succeed.

This is a little shot inside one of the two the front front windows. They have these lovely needles with pretty flower ends and each pair rests in its own little vase on the window sill.

Here are baskets of Malabrigo...all they need is a cat to snuggle in them. Well, perhaps not. But I'd like to snuggle in them.

And look, I took a shot of the Wall O'Amity. Look at all those yummy colors. Doesn't it make you want to knit blankets?

Did I come home with anything, you ask? Silly question.

From left to right in the front of the picture.....two skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Tuscany. They just looked so nicely autumnal. And four skeins of Mirasol's Hacho in two different colorways to do that two-color feather and fan scarf that everyone in the world seems to be doing. Yummy colors. I fell in love with the more orange-y one and had to come up with some idea for it, because I just had to have it. (This Mirasol line is from Peru and a portion of the sales go to help fund a school in a poor district of Peru. So I can indulge my yarn itch and feel a little glow of helping someone, too.) These skeins are merino wool, with a delightful softness and squoosh. There is another yarn in the line that is 100 percent baby llama. Ai yi yi, is that stuff wonderful! One of the softest yarns I've ever had my mitts on. And the prices aren't bad...these skeins have 137 yards and were $7.95. And, back to the picture, in the back are two more skeins of Kureyon, which I am slowly collecting for a Lizard Ridge.

Many happy returns of the day, Black Sheep!

Currently Reading

I have just finished Borkmann's Point. Pretty good police procedural set in Sweden. I did realize who the murderer was before the reveal, which always makes me feel smart. Now, on to Ann Packer!


Theresa said...

Wow! You got some really nice stuff! I need to visit that shop soon!

Rooie said...

You really do! (Nudge, nudge.) If only to fondle the baby llama yarn.