Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Coming Up With the Titles May Be The Hardest Part

I guess I haven't figured out how to answer comments. Perhaps Blogger hasn't figured it out either. I went and read through all the help pages that seemed pertinent. I thought I had solved it by having comments come to my e-mail. So there I was this morning, gaily replying to all my comments by e-mail (Hi, Erica! Thanks for all your nagging. Hi, KB!), when I realized that the return address that I was sending my replies off to was something with "no-reply" in the address. That didn't look promising and sure enough, they all bounced back.

So what's the answer? How do y'all reply to your comments? What am I missing?

And why is the spacing all screwed up? Sigh.

Book Review

Knit Kimono - Vicki Square
I don't know how often I will be doing this. God knows, I have shelves full of knitting books I could write about if I wanted. But I just got this one recently and it's so lovely that I am telling everyone about it.

First of all, it's an Interweave book, so you know it's well designed and has great photos of all the projects. And oh, the projects! They are all based on kimono designs and they are, without exception, yummy. Okay, I realize that you will have to like the basic design of a kimono to like these but if you do, then I guarantee* that you will like something in here, if not everything. There are a number of patterns I would like to make and three or four that I would like to appear in my closet right now, please. Now, if someone would just advance me the cash I would need to knit these babies.

In addition to the designs, Ms. Square also gives some history of the kimono and explains the inspiration for each design, with descriptions of who would wear such a style and when and where. Interesting stuff.

Now, if only I could inherit a silk mill.

*no actual guarantee to be implied or assumed

Current Reading

In The Woods - Tana French

I just started this last night, but it already has me well in its grip. (And the cover is cool, to boot.) A young girl is found murdered in the middle of an archealogical dig in a small town in Ireland. Twenty years ago, three children disappeared into the woods outside the town and only one was ever found...with no memory of what happened to him or his friends. This boy is now one of the two detectives investigating the murder. I really like this detective, from whose point of view the story unfolds, and I really like his partner, too. I'm only about 96 pages in, but so far, this is good stuff.


Kitt said...

I just respond to comments by clicking on the comments link at the bottom of post and responding there, just as if I were leaving a comment for any other blog.

If the person has a blogger profile, you may be able to click on their name and get their email address from there, if you want to respond privately. Not sure about non-blogger comments, or ones where the profile is not public.

Kitt said...

Oh, it also occurs to me that your comments box is in a pop-up window, so if you have pop-ups blocked on Blogger, that may be your problem.

Rooie said...

So people just have to remember to come back here and check and see if I answered them, huh? I can live with that I guess.

What's your opinion of having the comments in a pop-up window? I sort of like it, but then, I'm not the one commenting.

Lisa said...

I'm just egotistical enough to go back and see how my comments were received, so that generally works for me. Hey, it's YOUR blog! You're the queen of it.

Rooie said...

Hey there now, I like to be Queen.

Erica said...

Hmn...I don't know. I think you can use some other kind of commenting software, like Haloscan, but I'm not sure how to install it.

I think you've become my new source for book recommendations. I can just come here, write down the titles, and then hit the library once a week. I love it when a plan comes together...

Kitt said...

You can have it open in a popup or have the browser window just go to the comments page. I use the latter because I figure some folks may block pop-ups.

I never expect an emailed response to comments (though that's nice, too). I just go back and check later. Not hard, since I have a regular rotation of blogs.

Like this one now!