Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday!

I was hoping that when I got home today I would find a package from Amazon, and indeed I did. I was eager to get this because I had ordered the second season of The Last Detective, an amusing and well-done English mystery series, which stars Peter Davison, who also played the younger of the Farnon brothers in the James Herriot series. Mr. Pointy Sticks and I both enjoy them. And yes, that box was on the front porch. But so was another package!

You see, some time ago, Kris at Red Dog Knits put out a call for help. She wanted to knit her twin boys the Fishie Blanket but she needed help knitting fish in order to get it done in time for the boys second birthday. So I sent her some fish. The pattern was addictive. I wrote about them here.

And Kris sent out a thank you present! Wendy Bernard's Custom Knits.

I actually spent some time looking at this book on the day when I bought the Lucinda Guy book but reluctantly decided against it because it looked as though most of the designs are meant for someone thinner and younger than I. But looking through it this evening, I'm thinking there are some things I could see myself in and there is great information about altering patterns to suit you and about designing your own sweaters. So thank you very much, Kris! This was far too generous a gift just for knitting some fish!

But even more special....I got a thank-you drawing by the boys.

Awwww. How cute is that? I'm going to put it up on my wall. (I just love watching the adventures of Scrappy and Gangles. They are two cute kids.)

Current Reading

I haven't mentioned much of what I'm reading lately. In fact, I forgot to add to the list (until this evening), or even mention, a really good book I read recently. Karen Maitland's Company of Liars will keep you entertained and make you very happy you didn't live in England in 1348. It's been raining for months, food is running out, and the plague has hit the country. Through this sodden, cold landscape a party of travelers bands together to try to stay one step ahead of the plague, safe from the marauders on the roads, and to find somewhere safe to settle. Like Chaucer's pilgrims, these travelers also tell each other stories. And then they start dying...not from the plague, but by murder. Great fun to read about...not so much fun to be there.

Another book I just finished and enjoyed was Diana Wynne Jones' House of Many Ways. I've come late to Wynne Jones. I tried reading one or two of her books years and years ago...pre-Rachel...but they just didn't grab me. Rachel loves her books and has for years. And I now see why. This book was lots of fun.


the annoying cousin said...
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Kristi said...

glad you liked it and thanks again for helping me out.