Thursday, November 27, 2008

That Old Rachel 12 -- Thankful Edition

When Rachel was in first or second grade, for a class exercise around this time of year, her class was asked to think about things about which they were thankful. Rachel's response was:

"I am thankful for gravity."

I, too, am thankful for gravity.

And for a job I enjoy going to every day...heck, these days, I'm thankful for a job at all.

And I'm thankful for my health, which, despite sinus infections and bad knees, is pretty good. (I'm certainly thankful for blood-pressure medicine.)

I'm thankful for yarn and the income with which to indulge in it and the spinners and dyers that make it so lovely and delightful to work with. And for The Black Sheep, not only a place to go to fondle wool and breathe yarn fumes, but a place to go to hang out and laugh and talk and come out all charged up and happy.

I'm thankful for chocolate. And noodles. And ice cream. And a good glass of wine.

I'm thankful for books and the ability to travel to distant worlds and other times and fantastical places...all without waiting in lines at an airport or even leaving my chair.

I'm thankful for our cats, even if they are little pains in the butt every morning because they seem to think that, without their making a fuss and shredding paper and racing back and forth up and down the hall and meowing and scratching at our door, without all that performance, somehow they won't get fed in the morning even though they've been fed every morning that they've lived with us.

I'm thankful for blogs, where I can blather on about this and that and even have people read my blatherings and comment on them. And I'm thankful for the talented bloggers whose blogs I enjoy so much...who make me laugh and think and want to knit better.

And most particularly, I'm thankful for my family...especially Mr. Pointy Sticks and that old Rachel.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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