Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We're Back!

Not too, too horrible a trip. We had heard dire predictions about the traffic on 95 being completely hopeless all this week but the trip down took about the normal time and the trip up had one-slow down, I think. The worst traffic was right around the Beltway and our exit because of a police funeral. (There have been far too many police and fire-fighter funerals in past months.)

We stopped at my brother's house on the way home and ooohed and aaahed at his new kitchen. It's very nice. Good looking cabinets...gorgeous granite countertop (black with coppery flecks)...nice.

And here's what that pink potential sock yarn is turning into!

The pattern is from Melissa Morgan-Oakes' 2-At-A-Time Socks (though I am doing them one at a time) and is called Be Mine socks. I started this last night and got the first heart done. Got the second one done on the trip today. There are supposed to be four hearts before the heel flap. I may only do three....though I did call The Loopy Ewe yesterday and they had the same yarn in the same dye lot, so I ordered a third skein. So I may do the full length. They are not mindless socks...I did a lot of ripping -- crossing cables in the wrong direction, forgetting to shift stitches -- and that adds to the time it takes. The ripping out isn't mindless either....

Oh, and the ball winder. That was my sweet daughter's birthday present to me. Yay! I was just tell ing Mr. Pointy Sticks the other night that I would like one. (He knew she had gotten it.) Now I feel like winding wool!


melissaknits said...

The cables get easier as you go along, really. By the end you'll be able to work a heart with your eyes shut (really).

I love the pink for this pattern. It's very very pretty!

Rooie said...

I dunno...I think you may be giving me far too much credit for smarts.

I do love this yarn. I love the color and the smooshiness and the way it makes the cables pop.

Rooie said...

And, oh my gosh, I just realized you are the author of the book...speaking of smarts. I guess I'd better take your work that the cables get easier.

Kitt said...

Sweet! Those cables look great. And what a thoughtful gift. Just what you wanted!

not rachel at all, really said...

A ball winder! What a thoughtful loving gift from your amazing daughter, who is clearly in tune with your knitting needs and preemptively had it ready. HOW KIND.