Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ah! Weekends

I managed to get through Friday with no problems. I was the only one in (my boss had the day off, my co-worker was in D.C. at a roundtable, the other co-worker is easing back into work after maternity leave and is only in two days a week). As a fairly new employee in the branch, I was a little nervous about handling anything that might come up, but it was a quiet day. The only calls we got, I was able to handle.

And I found out that I have quite a bit of use-or-lose leave to use up by the end of the year! This was a shocker, because I haven't had use-or-lose since before Rachel was born. I should have realized this sooner, so I may end up losing some if I can't schedule it all. (And wouldn't you know it...I'd have leave I have to use when I'm in a job I actually enjoy? I know, I know...there are bigger problems.)

So I had a nice quiet weekend. Relaxing but not a lot to blog about. In fact, come to think of it, except to bring the mail in on Saturday I haven't left the house since I got home on Friday evening.

There was lots of snoozing and reading and knitting and napping and knitting and games on the computer and sleeping. My kind of weekend, lazy sod that I am.

Oh, and in the mail on Saturday, there was some yarn. (Who's surprised?)

Araucania in lovely shades of blue.

Indie Dyer in Cactus Flower.

Brooklyn Handspun in Under the Sea.

And another Brooklyn Handspun in Perfect Day.

And yeah, those two last ones look very similar in person. It almost looks as though the second one was dyed in the same dyepot but after most of the colors had been exhausted.

And one of these skeins was free, so it isn't quite as bad as it looks.

It's cold and blustery here today. We really should go out to the grocery store, but we don't actually have to...wanna bet whether or not we make it out?


Marsha said...

Do you have Safeway stores where you live? 'Cause they deliver groceries. I'm just saying is all... :)

Rooie said...

Well, yeah...and so does Giant...but you know, I think a little fresh air every couple of days is probably a good thing...