Saturday, November 29, 2008

Am I In The Pink Or Feeling Blue?

I started a new project last night.

There's the sock, chugging along (more about that in a minute), but under it is the new project. It's the Flower Scarf and the yarn is so yummy. If I were independently wealthy, I'd buy enough of this yarn to make a brioche stitch sweater. How cushy and warm would that be? Of course, if I just refrained from buying sock yarn for a while, I would be able to buy that yarn, wouldn't I? Hmmm. And I bet the nice ladies at The Black Sheep would be willing to special order it for me, too. The only problem is that brioche stitch is so slow-going.

The sock. I've done three hearts now. I am supposed to do four but my fat old legs won't let me pull the legs up that I can either do three hearts worth and have them be sort of short socks...I could continue making them and give them to someone (but I have no-one in mind...Rachel doesn't like pink)...or I could rip them back and use the yarn in another pattern. Decisions, decisions.

As for the blues? Well, I got some yarn this week. (I am a little embarrassed to post this. One of my cousins said she imagines trucks full of yarn pulling up to the house and unloading. It's not quite that bad.)

This is Dream in Color Starry in the Deep Seaflower colorway...those little things that look like white flecks? They're fine sterling magical.

Claudia in Teacup. I've wanted this one for a while and when I saw that Loopy Ewe had it in stock, I jumped on it.

The Sanguine Gryphon's Aegina. Yummy depth of color.

Creatively Dyed in Forest Green. Lots of blues in this, though.

Opal in one of the Hundertwasser colors.

Duncan has taken to sitting on the desk and staring at the wall. There's nothing there. Absolutely nothing. I think he's doing it just to freak me out.

Gizmo, on the other hand, likes to freak me out by sitting and kneading on my Log Cabin blankie. Look at those toes go.


mlw said...

Ahem...this is just to point out again my enthusiasm for cables and also, that I, unlike Ms R, am fond of pale pink. I'm just pointing out these aspects of my personality, not wanting them to be overlooked by you. On the other hand, that blue yarn with the silvery flecks in it is fairy-tale

Here come the Yarn Depository trucks...."C'mon back, c'mon out for that pear tree, 'mon back..." In this world of ours, it seems like a harmless enough addiction.

Rooie said...

Okay, so the socks will go to ML.