Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hip To Be Square

I forgot to mention that I had a chance to try these new Kollage Square Needles up at The Black Sheep today. Man, are they nice!! It takes a minute or two to get used to the squareness of the needle shaft...but only a minute. And square needles are supposed to be easier on your hands, though honestly I don't know why. They are also a pretty coppery color.

But it's the cable that makes these needles stand out. It is as floppy and relaxed as a well-cooked piece of spaghetti and the join is smooth, smooth, smooth. I think I am going to have to treat myself to some of these unless someone else treats me to them. (Mr. Pointy Sticks may be giving me a trip to The Black Sheep for Christmas. He did that last year and has been making noise about that again this year. Fine with me!) these out. Give them a try. Marvel at the slinkiness of the cable. Wonder at the comfort of the square. I thought they were really neat needles.

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Marsha said...

I've seen those needles only in ads and online, not in person yet. They do look lovely! If you do get a pair, I'd be very interested to know how they feel in the long term--if they really are easier on the hands.