Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's Beginning To Feel A Bit Like Christmas

Nothing like a little snow

and shopping for toys for the kids who attend the Christmas party we give at work

to make one feel a little less Scrooge-like. (Mr. Pointy Sticks chose the shark puppet and seemed almost reluctant to let it go. It is pretty cool. And it didn't have a price tag so the young woman at the case register charged us $4.99. I think it should have been more.)

And I do mean a little snow. We only got a's just about gone now, even though it's still very cold. But still, it was awfully pretty swirling and dancing. I love snow, especially when I don't have to shovel it.

So after doing bankish sorts of errands and shopping for toys, we came home for a bit and then I ran up to The Black Sheep. (Don't worry, Rachel, we'll go up again on Tuesday as planned.) I sat with the ladies who were there and finished the clown sock and started seaming Alexandra's sweater. I need to pick up stitches now and sew in the sleeves and I'll be done. I did a stupid thing, though, and seamed up the side seams and then the shoulders. I should have left the side seams for's going to be trickier to sew in the sleeves now.

And I came home with some yarn. (Quelle suprise!) Two of the purchases are for specific things:

I got this Melody yarn to make the scarf in the newest Interweave Knits. It's actually done in Trekking but I think Melody will be a decent substitute. I really love the look of this scarf.

And I picked up some Sheep Shop yarn to do the Flower Scarf. It calls for cashmere and silk and the Sheep Shop is wool and silk. Close enough for government work. I was tempted to get a skein of pale green and do the scarf in the green and the flower in the pink. I may still do that...maybe on Tuesday evening when I can use my Black Sheep coupon. Wait a minute!

Gizmo, get out of the way!

That's better.

And finally, not with anything specific in mind...but all the sock yarns were 25 percent off...I got this C*Eye*Ber Fiber in Fire. And yes, like millions of others, I could not resist Starbucks' knitted mug.

I love it. Hot chocolate, here I come! Now, where's the whipped cream?


Anonymous said...

Don't you love that mug? I bought three. Only one for me, though.

niki said...

I'm gonna have to break my "No Starbucks until my house sells" rule.