Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fish and Chips

So, have I included a picture here of our new shower stall floor? I'll have to do so. Here it is in all its tiny glory:

So, last night I was getting ready for bed and both cats hustled into the bathroom. (They, especially Duncan, like to have a little drink from the sink before bed.) Duncan jumped up to sit on the toilet lid until the sink was filled but Gizmo walked over and peered into the shower stall...moved a couple inches...peered through the glass again....moved over to the fixed glass panel...stared in again. "Do you want to see the shower stall, Giz?" I asked, and opened the door. He tiptoed in gingerly (he's a very timid cat) and sniffed all around, rubbing his front paw over the river stones every now and then. I turned back to the sink to get Duncan his water and, when I finished filling the sink a little I looked back at Giz. Who was now scraping with both front paws at the floor....because he had peed in the shower stall! Apparently the floor is enough like real pebbles that he thought he was in an elaborate litter box with an odd sort of filler. Wretched animal. So there I was, eleven at night, cleaning out the shower stall. The shower stall that we humans haven't even used yet!

Anyone want an elderly gray cat?

So...these fish. By noon today I had two fish knit. And that's in addition to reviewing half of a 537 page bill (dull) and attending a meeting on the agency's strategic plan (absurd and pointlessly irritating). These little fishies knit up quite quickly and are rather addictive -- like potato chips. Especially in color-shifting yarns. The yarn I'm using is Wisdom Poems. The skein I'm using this morning is color 550. (You'd think with a name like Poems, you could come up with more exciting names...this one could be "I must go down to the sea again...") Anyway, they are cute little fishies and I am looking forward to cranking out some more.

In fact, here they are, fwimmin' in they little poo'.

(My cousin's little girl used to say, "Can I put on my baby shoot and fwim in the poo?" Or words to that effect.)

Looks like I hit the jackpot in the yarn choice for Kaethe's socks. I am thinking of attempting a toe-up sock. She wants them sort of slouchy, so I'm thinking of doing a regular sort of foot and then increasing a few stitches and making the ribbing looser. By starting at the toe, I can use the entire skein and make them long enough to slouch really well. Haven't done a toe-up sock yet so that will be a first. I'm not anticipating too much trouble, especially as this is sport-weight yarn so all the stitches will be a little bigger.

Back to the fishies.

Oh, and the Hovis bread ad here? Hovis Bread

Actually had me tearing up.


mlw said...

You know that that "cousin's baby girl" is engaged to be married, don't you? Well, I know you have your genetic prejuidices, but wasn't she just The Utmost as a baby? Gosh, such a cuteness. I'm going to go put "hanpweam" on my chapped hands now....I've been working in the "yeebs" all day, it being my vacation.....

(nice shower tiling)

Rooie said...

Yes, I heard that! Will she be relocating to Kansas City?

And yes, she was a cutie. About the second cutest baby I ever knew.

Kaethe said...

Love them little fishies. And the baby girl story.

And I'm insanely interested in the socks. Seriously, I've just never thought about them before, and now, well, I'm dwelling, happily.

Oh, Brother said...

Me, I wouldn't go talking about "poo'" in connection with my new sink if I had cats like your'n.

Mebbe just me, though . . .

Rooie said...

I'll get to them as soon as I do some more fishies.

I can hear Rachel grumbling from college...."Knit me my sweater, dammit."