Monday, September 22, 2008

And A New Week Begins... my neighbor says that Mason-Dixon 1 isn't at her house. Dang. I was sort of hoping that she'd say, "Oh yes, I borrowed that a while ago." It's not that I want it back but now I have this itch to know where it is. Which will involve moving books around to try to find it.


I just started the second (and last...the child's not an octopus, thankfully) sleeve for Baby Alexandra's sweater. Then comes the blocking and the seaming and the lengthy, picot-edged button band...and then the fun of buying buttons. I love buying buttons. It's such a pretty color...perhaps I'll get a picture taken this evening.

I missed the Hanne Falkenberg Trunk Show up at The Black Sheep. Again. I was going to go up there on Saturday but then the Mason-Dixon 2 book arrived and got me in a sort of bad mood for some reason (Let-down...I used to have the same problem with Christmas. You'd think at 53 I'd have a better handle on it.) and then I got a stinky headache and just didn't feel like going. Besides, there's no way I'll be dropping $200 on a sweater kit anytime soon, I'm afraid. But I do want to see the samples. I'll just have to hope that they do this trunk show thing again.

I am sure I had something else to say...I'll just have to hope that it'll come back to me.


Martha said...

Interesting. I liked MD2 better than MD1. If you can't find your book, I'll be happy to trade.

Rooie said...

Thanks for the offer, Martha. But I don't dislike MD2. I just found it to be less sparky for me. But there are some things I like it in.