Monday, September 15, 2008

Everyone Together Now, Say "Awwwww!"

Today the mail man brought me this:

I ordered this from England a while back, after spending an afternoon at The Black Sheep and admiring one belonging to another woman there. How could I resist? (It's called Irresistible, after all.) Look at this adorable elephant.

And this sleepy, ready-for-bed hedgehog, complete with little bathrobe and hot water bottle.

All Alan Dart designs. There is also a Noah's Ark, a pirate, a mermaid, a farmyard, a wonderful jack o'lantern, Alan's famous gnomes...and lots of other things, all delightful.

Current Reading

I finished Robert McCammon's The Queen of Bedlam and enjoyed it immensely. Yes, it's completely unbelievable...a fledgling detective agency being set up on early 1700's New York...but you could tell McCammon had great fun writing it. From the comments on the less desirable prostitutes coming into the city from New Jersey, to the bull in the china shop, to the line about the hero's pocketwatch which had "taken a licking but...was still working." Fun to read.

And today I finished up Tethered, a great sort-of-mystery-but-really-novel. The narrator is flawed but likeable...the ending is sad but satisfying. Good read.

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Melanie said...

That hedgehog is too cute for words! I love the hot water bottle.