Sunday, September 28, 2008

Reddy Freddy

It must be something about autumn that makes me crave red. Whatever it is, it is sure evident in the last Loopy Ewe order I got.

First, there's Lorna Lace's in the Loopy Ewe colorway....can't wait to see how this knts up.

And some Shibui Knits in Chinese Red.

And some Cherry Tree Hill in Very Scary. Great color combo. Ignore all the cat hair. Gizmo liked this yarn, too.

A little less red is this Perchance to Knit in Rainbow on White. Along with the accompanying stitchmarker.

And I think I never posted pictures of these yarns that I got during a trip to The Black Sheep this summer...

Claudia's in the Walk in the Woods colorway.

And a yummy Araucania Ranco.

Whew. I think I'm caught up on yummy yarn from this summer.

No one is leaping forward wanting the Kaffe Fassett book. Guess I'll offer it up on Readerville. Along with another duplicate I found.

It was a dreary weekend here. It poured most of yesterday, and more this morning. We heard that there was over three inches of rainfall here in Maryland this weekend. So yesterday we mostly stayed home and moved furniture and cleaned a bit. Today we went down to Barnes and Noble and Trader Joe's. I picked up the new Yarn Harlot book. Oh, and the new Miriam Toewes. So good stuff to read sometime soon.

And back to work tomorrow. Meanwhile, here's a shot of the silent struggle going on over the mohair throw. Oh, it looks like they're just sleeping, but gradually Gizmo is moving in on the territory and eventually Duncan will give up and move over to the throw near Mr. Pointy Stick's desk.

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