Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and the Embarrassing -- But A Goodie for Someone!

So...The Good: We got the Bose last night (which surprised me a bit...I really did think we would look at it and decide to think about it...but nope, walked in, found it, chose a color (graphite) and Mr. Pointy Sticks plonked down his debit card) and, in making space for it, I found Mason-Dixon 1!

The Bad: We are deep in the bowels of a rearrangement of the living room. You'd think one might just come home and set the Bose down where the old stereo equipment was but, no! Mr. Pointy Sticks has ideas! He had plans! He has rearrangements in mind. I don't really mind this. It's just that we have very different minds. I would move in, set up the furniture, and not move it again until they had to move me to a nursing home. He likes to think up new arrangements, and usually they are good. But they always involve work...and cleaning...and shovings of large piece of furniture...and emptyings of bookshelves. And have I mentioned that I'm lazy? Sigh. But right now he is upstairs cleaning some carpet that hasn't seen the light of day in fifteen years, so I have time to post this.

The Embarrassing: Not only did I find Mason-Dixon 1, I also found a number of other knitting books and now my knitting shelves (and annex) which seemed so ample and gracious when I set them up, are now popping at the seams. And (I'm blushing here) the really embarrassing? I found a third...yes, that would be number 3...copy of Kaffe Fasset & Zoe Hunt's Family Knits. The other extra has already gone off to a contest winner. So if there is anyone out there who would like a copy of this, leave me a comment. It'll be all yours. You don't even has to write a poem.

And I have some pretty yarn to show you, when I get pictures taken. It's grey and rainy here and all I'd really like to do is sleep. But The Loopy Ewe order arrived and it's soooo pretty. So I'll try to stay awake long enough to take pictures. If only it would stop raining.


Julie said...

So did you give away that Kaffe Fassett book yet? If not, I'll take it if you twist my arm! I'm not sure what it's like, but I'm a freak about knitting books and mags!

Rooie said...

Send me your address, Julie, and I'll send you the Fasset and the Vest book!