Friday, September 19, 2008

Oh My, Oh My...I've Been Remiss

I actually had an e-mail from my cousin this evening asking if everything was okay because I hadn't posted here in a while. And then I realized....oh my gosh, I need to wrap up my contest and oh my golly, I need to post a That Old Rachel post.

So here I go:

I gotta say, Kaethe's poem was number one in my book...but Kaethe's not a knitter, so she'll get some non-knitting present...or maybe she'd like some socks? Or a scarf? Let me know.

So, first choice for the knitters goes to Marsha! I've emailed her and as soon as I hear from her, I contact the next person...and so on.

Second choice for knitters goes to Brooke M. I'm hoping Brooke reads this blog regularly as she didn't leave an email address.

Third choice - Turtle!

Fourth choice - Amy!

And fifth choice, if she wants what's left, goes to Teabird!

It's so nice when you have as many prizes as you do entrants. (Sorry, brother, you get nothing...)

Oh, and the reason I now have five books to give away?

Uh...I found some more books.

Two record cases full of them...

Here's the top section:

And here's the bottom section:

We'll do a That Old Rachel post tomorrow. Don't all hold your breath.


Carrie K said...

Oooh, you've got Beastly Knits and Knitting Masterpieces too! I keep meaning to knit something from both of them. I'd started the Japanese sweater from Knitting Masterpieces but my brother wants the caveman drawing one. Not what I would have expected either.

Amy said...

Yay! I like prizes. :-)

debbie said...

You have an amazing, truly amazing, book stash! Have you considered becoming a lending library :) You would be the most wonderful resource for a group or guild!
Enjoy all those books, and thanks for you very enjoyable blog--

Debbie near Seattle

Rooie said... winners are checking in. I just have to hear from Marsha. Well, and Kaethe, too. I'm deleting Brooke's comment so that her email isn't out there for all to see.

Debbie, thank you. I've been collecting books for a long time. Glad you like the blog.

Marsha said...

(I was out of town yesterday, which is why I was a bit late to reply. Sorry about that!)

Thanks so much! This was a really fun contest! A lot of my time is spent with my three-year-old, so I'm grateful for a chance to flex my brain muscles a bit. :)

Kaethe said...

Oh, wow, I am so honored. Seriously, I never win anything.

I'd be delighted with socks or a scarf or whatever. You've just made my week.

Turtle said...

so cool! Thank you so much! looks like you have a ton of undiscovered treasures at your home!