Saturday, September 20, 2008

Good Thing There's Still Some Space On Those Shelves

My copy of the new, eagerly awaited, Mason-Dixon book arrived today. (Which reminds me that the first M-D book is somewhere in this house...or perhaps my neighbor has it? Can't remember. Need to find it.)

Anyway, my verdict? There are some things I love...the Daily Sweater, the sheer mohair cardigan cover, the mohair shawl, the sweater with the writing on it, and Flapotis. There are some things that I can appreciate the design of but would probably never make - the kid's stuff, for instance. (Actually, Flapotis (at least as it is shown in the book) is another...7 skeins of Touch Me! That's $100 or more for a scarf!) There are some things I definitely wouldn't make...the rubber glove cuffs, the mop cover, the covers for the paper lanterns, the cover for the canvas bag.

But the book is charming, and beautifully designed. I don't know that I'll find it as inspiring as the first one, but I'm glad to have it in my library.


Anonymous said...

My local knitting group paged through that book together last week (we met at a Barnes and Noble). I'm with you on the rubber glove cuffs: what were they thinking when they included that one? There's some good stuff in there, but I like the first book much better.

Maureen said...

It's somewhere in your house not mine. ^__^

Rooie said...

Well, dang, Maureen! I was hoping you had it. Now I have to perform some excavations in the house to find it.

I was going to say you should come over some time and see my all-knitting bookshelves...but, duh, you've seen 'em here. They're pretty in person, let me tell you.