Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just A Few More...

Skeins, that is.

A couple of these I think I might have photographed on the laptop, but they'll look prettier here.

First, the pretty mug from the Loopy Ewe...I love that color...stuffed with some Line & Violet yarn in the Intention: Clarity colorway.

And this is Tempted Yarns Good Grrl color.

And today in the mail I got this yarn, Yarnbabies Fawkes II, from Etsy. Such a warm rich color. Just looking at that would keep someone's feet warm in the dead of winter.

Finally...yesterday I went up to Tuesday Morning as their flyer said they were going to have yarn. Well, they did have a little and it was mostly crap. But I did find this which I thought was a pretty color.

If you can read the label, you'll see it says Cashmere Luxury Chunky and underneath, the motto "Live the Fantasy." The fantasy being, of course, that this is cashmere. It's 45 % merino wool, 49% microfiber and 6% cashmere. But it is very soft and it's a nice color and I figure at $2.99 a skein it'll make someone a very nice neckwarmer.

I am so pleased with the entries to the contest so far. And hey, if we don't get any more entries...well, heck, I'll just make sure you all win something.

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