Friday, April 29, 2011

Every Day Should Be This Good

The review of the Noro book will have to wait. I brought the book to work this morning to show a co-worker who knits. I just thought she might enjoy leafing through it at lunch. "Oh," she said brightly, "may I borrow this over the weekend?" Well, there's really no reason she shouldn't (other than the fact that I am a nervous book lender -- feeling like someone is asking to borrow my baby)'s not like I was planning to whip up something out of it I said "Sure!" Therefore, I do not have the book in my possession to write up the details...perhaps Monday will work out.

Yesterday was a fairly stellar day. Mr. Pointy Sticks and I knew that the appliance guy would be coming to measure the spots for the stove and dishwasher between 1 and 5, so we got up at the regular time and headed into work. Left there about lunch-time and headed home. I got some laundry done and some game-playing and some knitting and attempted to do yesterday's blog post but was foiled by the fact that Blogger refused to upload my pictures. Then, after Appliance Guy had shown up and checked us out, Mr. Pointy Sticks and I headed down to the Baltimore Daedalus. Alas and alack, this store is closing as of May 15th, something which makes me very sad. Yes, the Columbia store will still be there, but it is more of a deal to get there than it is to just jaunt down York Road. Though there is the wonderful Vietnamese restaurant nearby.

Meanwhile, though, the Baltimore store is having a 30 percent off sale. I got some nice stuff...a pop-up book of Modern Architecture (to go with my Pop-up Architecture book), Margaret Drabble's The Pattern in the Carpet which I thought sounded interesting, and a few other books, some wrapping paper and a bunch of cards and bookmarks and probably stuff I'm forgetting.

We went downstairs to Atwater's for an early dinner (yum!). I had a salad of greens with golden beets, asparagus, goat cheese, hard-boiled egg and pistachio in a lemon-dill dressing. Then home. Did my exercise, got the photos to load and the blog post done and hit the hay. It felt like a very full, very busy, fun day.


Margaret said...

You can follow or subscribe to Daedalus Books' very own blog!

Also, you can order from Daedalus online at

Rooie said...

I knew about the mail order...but the blog is new to me! Thanks.

ml said...

Hey, nothing here about The Wedding! No matter how irrelevant to the world or bankrupting to the British people, it was a beautiful dress, no? and very lovely veil, which I suspect is a trickier thing to produce than one might think--anyway, even though there was a shortage of knittage in evidence, one will give a nod to the outfit of the day.