Thursday, April 28, 2011

Book Review -- 60 Quick Baby Knits

I have two great books to tell y'all about. Today I'll do the cutie-patootie one. This book is a companion (or child) of the 60 Quick Knits that Cascade put out last year...or was it earlier this year?

This book focuses on Cascade 220 Superwash and is full of adorable patterns for babies and toddlers. Look at these:

There are cardigans...

There are pullovers...boyish ones...

And girlier ones...

There are with a sheep that I want to size up for myself...

and ones with little skulls...

And adorable blankets...

They call this the Porcupine Blanket, but you and I and the lamp-post know that they are hedgehogs.

An adorable pillow...

So what's the break-down of patterns?

There are 5 different bootie/sock patterns, two unisex and three pretty girlie.
There are 13 different hats, 8 that are unisex, 1 that seems particularly boyish (the skulls hat), and 4 for girls.
There are 15 cardigans, 8 unisex, 1 that's boyish (but really could be used for a girl) and 6 cute ones for girls.
There are 3 little jumpers or dresses.
There are 14 blankets.
There are 2 legwarmer sets...I think these are pretty girlie.
There are 6 pullovers, 4 unisex ones and 2 that are really boyish (though I could see a girl wearing them).
There is the 1 pillow shown above.
There is 1 set of mittens, one pair of overalls (unisex), 1 little pants and top set for a girl, and 1 vest.

There are so many things in here to knit up for the babies in your life....or potential babies...or babies you don't know! Hand them out on the street!

There aren't pages wasted on knitting instructions. The abbreviations used are printed out inside the back cover, along with a little ruler, an explanation of the skill levels, and some embroidery instructions.

I can't wait to see what Cascade is working on for their next book.

Tomorrow -- The drop-dead gorgeous Knit Noro book.

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