Saturday, April 23, 2011

Finished Objects on a Saturday

I was thinking of going up to The Black Sheep's gray and dreary and a visit there would be cheery. But I have a stinky sinus headache. I'm thinking I might just take some aspirin and sit in my living room and knit. I know I'll regret not going tomorrow. But there is always Tuesday evening.

The first square of the Mitred Square blanket is finished, though its ends are not yet woven in. That'll be a tedious job for a Saturday morning one morning.

I finished the Surprise Jacket, too...buttons on (and their color is truer here than it was before, though the photo is sort of dark) and ends woven in and all ready to go. Now all we need is the baby! Got a month or two to wait for that...but the shower is soon, so I'm ready! I may try to do a matching hat...I dunno. I do have two board books to accompany the sweater...Goodnight Gorilla and Dinosaur's Binkit.

Though Rachel found this book on Amazon (don't click if profanity offends you). Let's just say it's a somewhat coarse way of asking your child to go to bed. And some nights...well, I think every parent out there might agree with the sentiment, if not the way it's phrased here.

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