Friday, April 8, 2011

Drowsiness May Occur. Do Not Operate Lace.

I am bushed. Knitting has ceased for the nonce, particularly knitting on the kimono. Things will not be improving until after the 14th.

The office where I work has the responsibility for prepping our agency's witnesses for Congressional hearings. There are several staffs here in the office and each staff has certain areas of responsibility...when the hearing is in that staff's area of responsibility, that staff does the prep. There are two hearings coming up on March 13th and 14th. Both of them are in my staff's area....they are on two different, but closely related, subject areas, there are going to be two different witnesses. This means that the three-person staff that I am on has had to prepare two background books, hold twice the number of briefings to prep the witness, had been gathering information from the same people throughout the agency. We are all exhausted. There have been late nights and two to three hour briefings. There has been scrambling around gathering material asked for in one briefing in time for the next briefing. I am so tired I can hardly think straight. My neck hurts. My feet hurt. I'm getting too old for this. I can't wait for the weekend, but I know come Monday morning it'll all start up again. (We will be having an all-morning briefing for one witness and an all-afternoon briefing the for second witness.) Thank heavens, I love the women I work with...this would be hell if we didn't get along.

And all of this on top of the uncertainty of not knowing if we'll even be working next weekend or if we'll be furloughed. Don't get me started on how I feel about Congress at the moment.

I miss my knitting.

Thank you for letting me whine.

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