Thursday, April 14, 2011

Whew! It's Over!

Well, it’s been another hellish week here in Lake Woebegon, but it’s just about over. The second of the two hearings we were prepping for was this afternoon (and even got a mention last night on Marketplace, I understand). Huzzah.

Yesterday’s hearing went very, very well. The witness was great. It was her first time testifying but she came across as calm and competent. Authoritive and intelligent but also warm and charming. She answered her questions well and didn’t jump to volunteer any information. Just what you want.

And today's hearing was also successful. This wasn't the witness' first but I am sure that it's never easy to sit there in front of Congressmen and ask their (sometimes inane) questions.

So...two hearings in two days and no action items. Now, as long as we get few (or no!) questions for the record, we can call that a win!

Sure hope we don't have another hearing for quite some time.

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