Sunday, November 14, 2010

How About Some Pretty Pictures?

It was another beautiful day here today, though a bit chillier than yesterday. Can't complain for November, though. I went out on the Front Porch of Photography to take pictures of my Loop purchases and ended up snapping some pictures of local trees, too.

This one is out in front of our house:

And this one is our neighbor's Japanese maple, which is looking stunning this year.

So, want to see what I brought home from Loop? I thought you might.

My signed sweatshirt is joined by Franklin's calendar, one of the two skeins of Lana Vida's Hannah, and the two skeins of Black Bunny yarn. Carol's colors are so beautiful and range from the bright:

to the softly subtle:
Ella Enchanted

The second skein of the Hannah (which is an amazingly squooshy yarn, springy and soft -- as it should be since it's alpaca, merino and cashmere) was the one I wound in the car and I've restarted the cowl I started unsuccessfully.

And, from the sublime to the ridiculous (not at least not so sublime), Mr. Pointy Sticks and I were in Tuesday Morning the other day and I found these:

The top skein (I got two of 'em) is an Araucania pima cotton and is so-o-o-o-o-o soft! The colors aren't beautiful...but they aren't hideous.

So there are some pretties.

I am waiting to hear from Rachel, with whom I spoke briefly this afternoon. She told me she was having "an adventure" and would tell me about it this evening. She also mentioned that she had been driving on the highway (good) and had gotten the car up to 80 mph (not so good). I told her that unless the speed limit on said highway was 75, that was a little too fast..."But, Mom!" she said, "everyone else was going that fast!"


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