Friday, April 2, 2010

Mad About Those Mad Men

A few weeks ago my friend Elizabeth loaned me the first season of Mad Men. "I think you and [Mr. Pointy Sticks] might like this," she said. Well, we watched them...then we watched them with commentary...then we ordered season two...then we ordered our own copy of season one and the newly released season three. Love this show. It's nicely written and beautifully filmed, the characters are intriguing, and it is fantastic to see the sixties unfold.

We finished up season two this evening and are now rewatching some of the episodes with commentary. It's interesting to hear Matt Weiner talk about the programs. You get a lot of insight into things that aren't that obvious perhaps...and get to feel a little smug about catching some of the subtler things he points out.

Anyway...good stuff.

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Maureen said...

So ... is it safe to say that "you're mad about Mad Men?" ^__^