Sunday, March 28, 2010

How About Some Books?

A reading update: I'm adding a lot of books over on the right. I've changed the formatting so that the list shows 25 books at a time and I rarely add more than that at a time. But no worries, if something I read is particularly good (or bad or disappointing), I'll mention it here.

Shades of Grey - A new book from Fforde. I liked it a lot...perhaps not as much as the Thursday Next books but better than the others I've read.

Traffic - Fascinating book. You'd wonder just how interesting a book abut traffic might be...the answer is, very.

Going Bovine - Wonderful YA book. The main character has a form of Mad Cow disease...and yet the book is funny and hopeful.

Matilda Savitch - I really liked this book, though I want to re-read the end and see if I really did read what I thought I read. Intriguing book, though.

The Lock Artist - Loved this one. The main character is interesting and sympathetic, even if he is a criminal and expert safe-cracker.

The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag - Yay! Flavia de Luce is back and as feisty and persistent as ever. Great fun, though occasionally the author's non-Englishness peeks through.

I should also mention The House on Fortune Street and Horns. The Margot Lovesey is still sticking with me, weeks after reading it. And Joe Hill continues to follow in his father's footsteps, filling his shoes very nicely, thank you.

I've also read about eight of the Fables series of graphic novels. Rachel has the thriteen that have been published so far, so I have a few left in front of me.


Kaethe said...

I rely so heavily on your recommendations. I agree on Traffic and Going Bovine; all the rest I've added to the list or moved up.

So you read The Disreputable History, eh? What'd you think? I loved it, but no one else I know has read it, so I got no one to discuss it with.

Rooie said...

Kaethe, I did read The Disreputable History and I liked it...and thought it would be a great book for pre-teen / young teen girls. But I can't say I thought it was was fun, smart, funny. But somehow didn't make it to my "Oh My Gosh I Love This" list. I guess one problem was that I felt Frankie was a little too perfect...a little too self-confident and be completely believable. But that's undoubtedly slanted by the fact that I'm a wuss and always have been...

Kaethe said...

You're not a wuss. I've loved everything by Lockhart/Jenkins, whom I believe you first recommended to me, so I was hoping it'd be great for you. Other than Lockhart's, there aren't many contemporary YA heroines indulging in outright feminism, so I found that refreshing.