Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Home Is The Sailor, Home From The Bay....

And the parents, home from Em Aye.

We took Rachel back to Hampshire to finish out the spring semester. Took three days this time and spent Sunday in Amherst, taking RR to Whole Foods and doing a little shopping in Amherst proper. I feel as though I should have left notes of apology for the people in the hotel rooms on either side of us, as I had several fits during the nights where I thought I might possibly be ejecting pieces of lung. Home on Monday in the pouring rain and back to work on Tuesday. Thinking about it, I perhaps should have taken Tuesday off, as I am still dragging and that day was sort of hard to get through. But got through it was.

I finished my March Red Scarf on the way home on Monday and started the April scarf a little early. Pictures to come.

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