Sunday, March 14, 2010

Evil Parents

So, the kid's spring break runs this weekend to next. "Take the train!" we said. "It runs right from Amherst to B' changing in NYC...saves us time...won't take much longer than being in the car! Be a sport!"

"Sure," she said, "but do you think maybe you could drive me back so that I could send some stuff home?"

"No problem," we said, "Oooops, the Friday train is sold out. How about Saturday?"

"Okey-dokey," says she.

The train was supposed to be in by 9:30 p.m. It's now about 1 a.m. and where is the daughter? Sitting in the train in Penn Station, NYC. Because of all the rain and wind, the power is apparently out all over northern NJ...including the train tracks. So there they sit. No word on when they might get moving again. No estimate on when they might be getting into B'more. (Though it probably won't be any earlier than 4 a.m.)

I was talking to a nice Amtrak employee a bit ago and he said that they thought they were about to get power established again when an electrical pole collapsed. Which is going to require cranes to get it raised again.


I wonder if Rachel will be speaking to us by the time we have to take her back to school next week.

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