Sunday, March 28, 2010

Early Stop For The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny seems to have made a practice run at my house! I went out this morning and my yard was full of yummy colors.

Indulgence sock yarn, looking like a bowl of jelly beans. This knits up with little Fake Isle stripes between solid stripes and the colors are so pretty and spring-like.

Misti Alpaca Sock in colors that look sort of brown here but are, in reality, very bright and cheery.

Miss Babs in a glowing orange with a separate tiny skein of shocking pink for the heels and toes. Sizzle!

And some Zitron Fundus in pretty stripes.

And no. I lied. It wasn't the Easter Bunny. For the first time in weeks, I managed to spend some time up at the Black Sheep on Saturday and this time I took my gift certificates with me. I spent one of them to offset the price of these goodies. Still have two more under my hat.

The Zitron was on sale and is destined to be a Red Scarf, though it is, perhaps, pushing the boundaries of "red." But it is smooshy and soft and should make a nice cuddly reddish scarf.

The Miss Babs yarn was in two full of large skeins and one full of the heel and toe colors. So much fun to mix and match.

In the interest of clearing the house out a bit, Mr. Pointy Sticks and I took two cartons of old records down to Record and Tape Traders last evening and sold them for $69. A little sad to see some of them go...old Carole King and Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne and Joni Mitchell...but really? We hadn't listened to them in years...years and years and years. So they're gone now. We still have cartons and cartons of classical albums...guess they'll get donated to the book sale in Charlottesville or the Goodwill.

We are thinking that we could take a trip to Charlottesville one of these weekends and drop off records, stay overnight at that hotel down on the Mall...the Omni, that's what it's called, visit some used bookstores, have dinner with some cousins....that would be fun. Strange, maybe, being back there in a hotel instead of in my Mom's house, but it could be nice.

Heh, and we could stop at Foods of All Dollars on the way home for the obligatory trip to the candy aisle.

(Checking the Omni...lots of weekends already booked and yikes, it ain't cheap.)

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mlw said...

I do wish I could put you up, but its just not on with this house--one old Ikea futon doth not a guestroom make. I'm wondering about other places to stay in C'ville? are there B&Bs that might be less costly, I wonder? I know that some people who have homes around the university have paying guests overnight, but I'm not sure how you get that information.

Yes, weird to think of paying to stay in one's own hometown. Best not to think about it too much.