Saturday, April 10, 2010

So How About Some Pictures?

Just to prove that there really is progress being made here:

The April Red Scarf is finished...

The sleeves are growing...

The Rosy socks are also drawing closer to completion....

And this morning I even got twenty rows added to this:

Have I mentioned this before? I think I've written about it before but just to update....It's a wide scarf, or narrow stole, of Misti handpainted alpaca and Gedifra Angora. I tried knitting something out of the alpaca alone and the colors were just not working. I was in Webs on one of our MA visits and they had this angora in the perfect green. I thought it would help soften and blend the colors and I think it does.


Look at that fuzz.

Now I'm thinking I want to get a kid mohair and make big deep ruffles on each end. Wonder if I can find a matching green.

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