Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why So Rude?

Mr. Pointy Sticks, our friend Don and I went out to dinner last night. We went to a newish restaurant near us and the food was good. But the people next to us were obnoxious. We sat down next to a group of seven older man, two younger men, two women and two kids. As we sat down we couldn't help overhearing...because they were talking very loudly. And we heard them say something like, "Well, Roosevelt destroyed America." "You know there were two Roosevelts." "Yeah, they spelled their names the same." And then they went on, in the same loud voices about Reagan and Bush and how wonderful they were. At one point a couple at a nearby table turned to them and said, "Oh, it's so nice to hear this talk. We feel as though we are surrounded by liberals here in Maryland, you know!" It was unpleasant.

Eventually they quieted down and started talking about other least, the little bits I heard were about other things. Their little boy was making an annoying squeaky noise, over and over and over and over...but that's another issue.

As they left, one of the men went over to the table where the young couple who had applauded them was sitting and we heard him say something like "We like going places and talking like that...sometimes we can make the liberals actually leave!"

How obnoxious.


ml said...

How depressing. Sarah Palin has a lot to answer for.

Maureen said...

Depressing indeed!
Just curious: What restaurant?

I cannot believe that some people think that Sarah Palin has the qualifications to be president!

Rooie said...

The restaurant was Umi Sake, the one that took the place of Pacific Rim.

And, while the fact that these people were so ignorantly conservative was galling, I have to say I would have been just as annoyed if they had been obnoxious flaming liberals. Well, okay...almost as annoyed.