Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Succumbed...

Unfortunately, I can't show you quite yet.

You see, there are (for those of you who aren't big knitters) these things called "Sock Clubs." You sign up for a month or three months or six months or a year...and each month you've signed up for you get a special skein of yarn...a pattern...and usually some goodies of some kind. And this year, I broke down and subscribed to two. Actually, I only bought a month's worth of the Club that Wool Girl was was Georgia O'Keeffe themed and man, wait till you see the gorgeous yarn I got. And the goodies.

The other one I signed up for was Creatively Dyed's Sock Yarn Club. I just love Diane's yarns. I got the first shipment yesterday and will get another one in December and the third in January.

The bad part...the weather here is crappy and rainy and gray and, of course, I am at work all day. So I will be taking pictures this weekend! Stay tuned!

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