Sunday, November 15, 2009

Home Again

Didja miss me?

We went up to MA this week to visit with Rachel. She won't be coming home for Thanksgiving, so we flew up on Thursday and flew home today after feeding her, and buying her some essentials (boots, saucepan, some food), and buying her some goodies (earrings and neat pencils and a pretty box), and meeting a friend (Hi, Morgan!). Morgan is pretty cool, as Rachel's friends tend to be, and we liked her a lot. And it was so good to see our girl. The weather was crappy...chilly (though not as cold as I thought it might be) and rainy, rainy, rainy. Better than snow, I guess.

And yes, I got to Webs, though most of what I bought went to Rachel, who seems to have been re-bitten by the knitting bug. I'll show you what I got tomorrow, when the sun is up.

And I'm up to the armpits on Rachel's sweater, though I had to rip a lot out the other night because I seem to have forgotten a bind off row or something. It's rather confusing.

Unfortunately, while we were up in MA we went into a Barnes and Noble and I succumbed to Stephen King's Under the Dome and I am finding it rather compulsively readable. Another 600 pages or so and I'll be back to knitting!

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