Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Okay, I said I'd be back yesterday...and it's today. Oh well. I do have pictures for you, though.

Or perhaps I don't. Blogger doesn't seem to want to load them.

Let me try again later.


That's better. I didn't, as I said, buy much. I got two skeins of this gorgeous mohair and some sock yarn.

I love the blend of green and purple in the mohair. The sock yarn looks lighter here than in person. It's richer looking in person.

And I bought some angora blend to mix in with some alpaca I had been trying to do up a scarf in. It really didn't look good on its own...or at least I couldn't find a stitch pattern that worked with it. So now I'm striping it with the angora...like so:

I think I like it.

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