Sunday, November 29, 2009

This Has Been Nice

There's been a whole string of nice days, starting with Turkey Day. My cousin B, had us over, along with her parents and sister, my Dad and step-mom and our cousin ML up from Charlottesville. We had a lot of good food and a nice time. I took over a box of old photos and we had fun going through them. Managed with my aunt's and Dad's help to get a bunch of people identified. Of course, this raises the question: Do I really need to keep photographs of friends of my grandparents who I never met? But oh, I would hate to just dump them.

Friday I went to work but there were so few people there it might as well have been annual leave. At one point a friend emailed me and said, "It was a waste of time coming in today. I am sitting here and seeing how long I can balance an eraser on my nose while typing."

But after work Mr. Pointy Sticks and I went to the Daedalus in Columbia - I only bought a few books for me but got some that I think Rachel will be interested in. And then we went to the Thai restaurant for dinner. And then stopped at Borders so that Mr. Pointy Sticks could pick up a book for a friend. I bought some more books for the book drive. And a Louise Penny mystery for myself...finished that up this morning. She's good, if a little on the cozy side, and I'll be looking for more of her books.

Yesterday I went up and spent a couple of hours at the Black Sheep while Mr. Pointy Sticks went shopping. Had a nice time and got a few more inches knit on the front of Rachel's sweater. I helped wind yarn for a customer and helped one young woman choose yarn for a scarf. Tracy and Joyce were away and the shop was very busy. (Which I always like to see.) Had a nice long evening doing not a whole lot...IMing with Rachel, playing games and knitting.

And we still have a chunk of this afternoon. I was going to go paint a new food bowl for the cats...but I just don't much feel like doing it all by myself. Perhaps I can talk Rachel into going over with me when she's home.

And back to work tomorrow.

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