Thursday, August 13, 2009

Two Steps Backward, One Step Forward

That pretty, brightly colored Noro sock? It's now a pretty, brightly colored ball of yarn. Sigh. I just made too many stupid mistakes and got tired of ripping it out over and over. I'll go back to it one day, I'm sure. But as an antidote I started a sock in Fannie's Fingering in a blend of pinks and reds.

And Rachel had her post-op appointment. Dr. Naff says she is healing wonderfully...though she should be taking it easier and she should be wearing her corset for three more weeks. (It's a wide band of elastic that wraps around her middle...lovely in this heat.) One weird thing. Last night she said, "What's this?" And there was a sort of nylon-looking thread hanging out of her back at the incision. "Huh," said I, "perhaps the nurse was wrong when she said he only put in internal stitches...looks like a stitch coming loose." Well, it is a stitch coming internal stitch! Apparently her body is rejecting the stitches.

I always knew she was a picky child.

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