Saturday, August 8, 2009

Friday Evening Out

So, my co-worker (J) had her baby boy yesterday. Welcome to the world, Maxwell! After work my boss (K) and other co-worker (E) went to see the new baby and J. I took along the Elijahs. J's son Toby was there with a lot of other family and I was able to give him his Elijah (the larger of the two since he's the big brother). It seemed to be a hit. J looked great, if tired. And Max is adorable. He was in the nursery, under the warming lamp, two hours old. We didn't get to hold him but we stood at the window and ooohed and aaaahed.

Afterward, K, E and I went to Pho Duc Thanh for dinner...and man, was it yummy. E and I got carryout to take home to our various family members but the orders were all screwed up. Great evening.

Rachel is well enough to be bored and cranky and fed up with the itching of the incision. We ought to try to get her out of the house a little today.

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lewarkk said...

Hope Rachel heals quickly; sending good vibes.