Saturday, August 29, 2009

Silent Week

Sorry for the inattention.

I spent a lovely afternoon up at the Black Sheep on Tuesday. Hung out with Tracy and Joyce and the gang. (We had had to leave work early to get Rachel to one of her last doctor's appointments on Tuesday.) I sat and worked on the Teseo scarf...I know, I haven't mentioned that one. Pictures later.

I finished up the stripey Noro scarf this week and got it all soaked. Kureyon is so much softer once it's washed. Pictures of that later too. The pink sock is coming along and I just wound up some cakes of yummy yellow yarn for the Sock Knitter's Anonymous September socks. So I have some knitting projects for the trip. I may also take along the alpaca yarn for Rachel's sweater.

Work was a little busier than it might have been this week because E. is on vacation and J. is on maternity leave, so it was just my boss and me. Not loads of stuff going on but enough to keep us moderately busy.

Took Rachel to her last ukelele lesson this morning and then we headed over the The Bead and I dropped a chunk of change on some clothes for her for this fall and winter. There will be some temperature difference between Mary Washington and Hampshire. The girl needed some sweaters. And some layering clothes. Tomorrow we look for coats. (And yes, we did leave this until sort of late.)

It's late and I should head up to bed.

Maybe some pictures tomorrow.

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