Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday News

Rachel is doing better and better. I am trying to get her up and doing some small things for herself in hopes that I might make an appearance at work tomorrow. I think her biggest problem now is the itching of the incision and the boredom.

And now...I present to you...two Elijahs!

Little Elijah did not like the prickly, stickeryness of this location and can been seen here trying to climb into his big brother's lap. They were both good models, so I let them do something they wanted to do.

It's a little known fact that elephants like to climb trees.

And the yarn I got yesterday...yum.

Misti Alpaca in Orchard...

and the same again in Neruda.

And two different weights of Sheep Shop yarn. One in Spring...

and the other in a color poetically called something like F096...I prefer to think of it as Beach Glass....or Summer Sky....



Oh, Brother said...

I don't think it's a "little known" fact. After all, where else would they get to play with the giraffes?

Erica said...

Oh, lord. Those are just about the cutest thing I've ever seen! Sweet little long-snooted elephants!

Glad to hear Rachel is improving -- can she knit? Would she knit?

Rooie said...

Rachel has knitted in the past but she now finds it boring...she has given me all her needles and yarn.