Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

The weekend's almost over and what left are the less pleasant dregs. We have to do Gizmo's subcutaneous fluid poke and I have to do my biking...ugh.

But we've had a nice time. Eric, a friend of Rachel's came to visit and yesterday (after I made a fun trip to the Black Sheep), we went to Pho Dat Thanh for lunch and to Daedalus for a brief visit. I meant to take my camera and forgot! So no pictures, but man, we had a tasty lunch.

And last night Rachel and Eric cooked up a storm...they roasted a chicken and vegetables...yum. And made a Margherita pizza. All (well, not the chicken) with stuff they got at the Farmer's Market in Towson that morning. Oh, and they made two loaves of with hot peppers that we ended up giving to my brother, as none of us are big hot pepper eaters.

But I do have some pictures! Here's my new sock...the replacement for the Noro one. This one is in Fannie's Fingering...but I can't remember the color name. It's pretty though.

I decided to do a little garter rib...I might have tried something different but I was away from home when I got to the point of starting any pattern stitch, and this one is easy to remember. And I think it's an attractive stitch...a little fancier than a plain rib.

I didn't buy any yarn at the Black Sheep on Saturday but I came home to some yarn from the Kangaroo Dyer. She's having a summer sale and I am having trouble not throwing a coupe more skeins in my Etsy that Sultan's Sandals. And how about Salmon Falls? Pretty, pretty. So what did I get?

This one is called Jelly Beans...happy colors.

And this one is called Squash Blossom. I love these deep, rich colors.

While I was out photographing these goodies, I noticed the Toad Lilies are spreading. I planted one of these plants a couple of years ago and last year I noticed there were two plants...and this afternoon I've noticed they've spread a good bit. Trouble is? They're not terribly attractive.

Rather fleshy colored.


ml said...

It depends on your perspective---some might say that that's actually quite a sophisticated set of flower tones. I like it.

Oh, Brother said...

Fleshy? Rather badly bruised flesh, I'd say. Or possibly you have some extra-terrestrial alien relatives I am, unaccountably, unaware or.

Kathryn said...

I LOVE that squash blossom yarn!